About Me


My name is Audrey Sterling

I am a serial decorator,

married to my high school


We live in a little cottage in the mountains of 

Northern Virginia,

where we paint, 

build things of all sorts

raise chickens,

go flea marketing

 & sometimes

even dumpster-diving!

I create jewelry of all sorts, sew just about any 

thing when the mood strikes, really enjoy

taking pictures and playing w/ photoshop

and textures.

I love my sweetheart with a passion,

love my children with all my heart. 

Friends I hold near & dear.

My parents I enjoy. 

Our grandchildren I adore.

But above all others comes My Savior, Jesus.

He is the One that enables me to love.

So glad you came to visit!

Our daughter Becky and her husband Richie-top left
Her daughter Lainie-top right
Our son Joel and his son Connor-middle left
David and me-center
Becky and her oldest daughter Lexie-center right
Our son Daniel and his wife Tracy-bottom left
David and Becky's youngest Liyah-bottom right

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