Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sweet and Simple Little Vignette

Take a white ironstone soup tureen, add a soft green floral plate, and a nest with moss.
Put all together and you get a sweet and simple little vignette.

I have four of these green salad plates.
 Found them at a flea market for less than the cost of a happy meal....
which makes me very happy☺

Love stacking them with other green plates.
Sometimes I even hang them on the wall.


Hope you are doing remarkably well.

Blessings, Audrey

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cheap/Cheep Bird and Botanical Sideboard

Good day to you! We have taken a few steps back into Winter here in Northern Va.
But, what is a foot of snow to us? Onward we march towards Spring☺

I decided to go with a bird and botanical theme for our sideboard.

Shopping our house keeps me on budget. Free always sounds good to me.

Cheap and Cheep☺

Steps taken to create my Cheap/Cheep Botanical Sideboard
1. Black&cream ticking
2.Black&cream toile- unhemmed because I like the frayed edge
3.Line up of vintage botanical pictures-varied frames and sizes 
4.White ironstone soup tureen-layered on white platters, touch of greenery
5.Metal looking objects on both sides
6.Greenery on both sides
7.Various textures to keep thing interesting
8.Scattered birds, bird houses, pictures 

Thank you,

 Marty at A Stroll Thru Life and

 Angela at Knick of Time

 for featuring my Sun Room Post

Both of you are so kind.

Hope you are doing remarkably well.

Blessings, Audrey

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Vignette

Even though it is freezing outside right at this moment....
I have great confidence that Spring is on its way.
 We have jumped into Daylight Savings.
 So that means Spring WILL get here☺

In the mean time I am dragging out more of our Spring doodads.

Our dining room table has been freshened up with a new vignette.

I started with a black and cream table runner that I made last year.
Then on top of the runner goes a really old mirror that we found eons ago at a flea market.

Then I placed a cream colored pitcher {TJMax} filled with faux flowers, 
real ones will come later.

 I placed a sweet bluebird/cabbage teapot {flea market} that just epitomizes Spring
and makes me smile when I look at it.

 I placed a plate stand with a cream plate 
and a pretty light green plate in front.

 Still working on my sideboard.

Slowly working my way over into the kitchen.....
emphasis on the word slowly.

Don't forget to throw in a touch of whimsy.
You don't want your creation to look like anybody else just came in and decorated your house. 
If you like something....
 use it. 
If it makes you smile....
use it☺
That's where these cute little knick-knacks come in.....
pure whimsy and fun.

You are a uniquely created individual.
 Your home should reflect your individuality.
Looking  at homes on Pinterest and gorgeous decorating blogs is a good thing.
Get ideas and then translate them into your style and have fun doing it.

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