Friday, October 21, 2011

Lainie Gracie Collage

Lainie Gracie Collage

Recently our middle granddaughter spent some time with us. We took the time to do a photo shoot ...always loads of fun. This is a collage from two of the pictures.

Until next time.


~willa~ said...

I can imagine the wonderful time you had at the "photo shoot"! The collage is lovely and Lanie is beautiful.


Revi said...

NICE collage! I didn't know you did collage - I LOVE collage! It helps to have a pretty subject, too. :) Have a great weekend, sweet one.

Audrey said...

Thank you kind ladies. I love doing collages. This was for a challenge using cardboard.

andrea said...

Collages are so much fun! I've always loved currugated cardboard. andrea@townandprairie

Shannon said...

My girls are very close to their Grandparents too. What a cool project of a pretty girl.

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