Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Day!

Happy Day!

 I was featured for two of my posts this week! Wow....so excited!


Rebecca at You're talking too much 

featured my "Hoosier Daddy"...

she likes my sarcasm! LOL!

Then Mandy
" I turned the Daunting into the Do-able" at

Project Queen

 liked my "Sew What" bracelet!

 Dance up and down and twirl around!

If you have not checked these fabulously- wonderful- ladies- party- places take a look and join in the fun.

The Kind Kathleen at Charm Bracelet Diva

even featured my white chair a few days ago!


I am so blessed!

 I think I'll share one of my favorite songs by Kim Walker...

"Happy Day"

You can not be sad when you hear this lady sing!

I would sing it for you, but that would really make you sad.

Hope your day is wonderfully blessed!

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