Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I've Been Framed

I've been framed....actually I've been framing.

There are so many wonderful frames that can 
be found at really good prices.

The things you can do with them! Bulletin boards, jewelry holders, why you can even frame your art...who would have thunk it..haha!

Today I will show you one of our finds.

Here is a sweet white ornate frame we found at GW [Goodwill is our friend].

See how pretty and detailed she is...didn't have to paint her or anything.

Take a gander at that price....didn't have to think twice about buying this sweetheart!

Wonder what the gold was from and what was hanging in this frame before?

The back isn't very pretty... 
Duct tape and masking tape. Should have known better and just started with the duct tape.

I taped the edges of quilt batting and fabric around foam core...pulled them nice and tight till my surface was smooth.

Ta-da!  A bulletin board for my craft room!

 Hanging right above my sewing machine.

 When I'm using a pattern I pin it up along with any buttons, zippers, etc. until my project is completed.

Handy Dandy, huh!

I will be sharing more of my frame-ups later,

 until then.....

maybe you can share some of your frames with me. Just leave your blog link in my comment area....

Would love to see some your beautiful frame-ups.

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