Friday, August 26, 2011

In The Pink


           I am not a pink person.

A collage of pink dishes.

              I generally lean more towards the 

                     reds, golds, greens,

           with lots of black thrown in for drama.

Little bird perched on a stack of pink plates.

They multiplied.

    Every once in a while though a pink plate

                        {cupsaucer, platter}

                   will call my name. 

Pale pink platter with gold scrolls.

           First an item must meet my criteria....

         can't cost more than a Happy Meal......

                    must be really pretty.....

                  then it comes home with me!

Stack of pink plates.

Pink floral edges of platters on pink floral ticking.

Macro view of teapot.

Well those things must be like rabbits {you never can have just two} cause they kind of multiplied.

Started arranging them with some of my fabric stash and took some pictures. 

White teapot with a pink filter.

Close-up of teapot lid.

I must kind of be a pink person after all!

Stay safe every one, an earthquake and a hurricane in one week!

 Did you know there are 365 "Fear Nots" in the Bible?

 One for every single day of the year!

Blessings, Audrey
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