Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lovely Old Clocks

Clocks, Clocks, Clocks

no such thing as too many!

Group of clocks

They are so Charming....big or tee-tiny....old or new.... working in perfect order or broken....

                            just lovely!

Big Ben-Westclox-1950's

The first advertisement for the Big Ben Alarm Clock was in 1910. I think our sweet little Big Ben was made somewhere in the 50's.

first ad for Big Ben


This little fella below was made in Yugoslavia
 by a company named Insa.

Isn't he just so sweet.

this is our most expensive buy...$11

Below is an up-close and personal view.

Clocks mix nicely with fabrics, books and baskets.

This little cutie is from Germany. He is very tiny, but at the same time ornate, and quite dignified.

 Don't tell the others ....he is one of my favorites!



                                          See how little he is.

                  You can see him in the front 

                                          {with all the other shorties}

                            in the group shot.

                                    See him right in the front.

Flea markets carry some interesting finds.

One of the things about our little clock collection is they can be found at very reasonable prices....the most expensive one in our grouping here was $11.

Mr. Quail, a pewter mug with pretty feathers, a clock [new] and an old mirror.

Do you agree?

Clocks are so charming....working or broken....big or tiny....

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