Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Unique Storage Containers

A giant pickle jar stores some of my buttons.

January comes around and all the organization tips start pouring in.

 I enjoy reading about how the experts come in and revamp every room in the house.

 They even show you how to go through all of your clothing, your crafts, your linens, your make-up..... !

 Notice I said  I enjoy reading about how to do all of it.....didn't say I enjoy doing. After awhile though inspiration does strike.

I pull every room apart, start going into all the nooks and crannies. It is amazing the places you can put things.

Finding unique storage solutions, rather than buying a lot of new containers is a lot of fun.

A basket corrals my paint brushes and ruler.

When you collect baskets, jars of all descriptions: apothecary, jelly, mason jars of all sizes...., boxes with and w/o lids, fabric bags....!

You get the idea.

 Start in one room, sort out trash and treasures. Remember to donate anything you are not going to use.
 Put items you use often where you can access them easily, then corral them in pretty ways

Now the fun starts..

Silver buttons stored in a clear jar are very pretty! 

Finding creative storage containers at your favorite flea market or thrift shop can be an all day event! Make a list of what you need to store and keep your eyes open for your next find!

 Have fun, maybe we'll run into each other and do lunch.

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