Thursday, January 27, 2011

Favorite Local Shops

Living in the mountains of Virginia is a wonderful blessing. We are surrounded by great beauty every season.

Today we are surrounded by snow. It is really cold out! So we are going on a tour. A virtual tour of some of our favorite places to shop in our area.

First stop is the Strasburg  Emporium. Through the years we have found many beautiful things here.

Big stuff like furniture, old doors, store windows, old sinks
and little things such as transferware dishes, purses, books.

This plate was found at the Emporium

The Emporium has over 100 dealers with plenty of room to stroll and look to your hearts content.

 New items and antique treasures can be found.

 lovely cherub candlestick and linens

Next stop on our tour is Valley Treasures in Woodstock, Va.
This wonderful place is in an old shopping center with about 75 dealers.
Can't think of very many times when we didn't find something to bring home.
 I especially love the variety of old linens they carry.

 My sweetheart looks for old tools here, some we hang on the wall,
 some he uses for his woodworking projects.

The Shoppes at Mauzy

Our last stop today is located down Rt. 11 in Mauzy, Va.
 If you love history make sure you have your camera ready!

The Shoppes at Mauzy are in an 1800's Stagecoach Inn.    So interesting!

 Sylvia, the owner, sells vintage linens and clothing, jewelry, dishes, candles.

 You can buy antiques and memorabilia. Loads to see here.

 Very enjoyable,

 but don't pet Ms. Mauzy, the resident cat!      She will bite!

Ask my husband he has the scars to prove it.

Hope you enjoyed the tour! You need to come see us sometime and see the actual places.


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