Monday, September 10, 2012

My "Real" Life

I don't often show what I do in my "real" life.
 But, here it is. 
My sweetheart and I minister to one of the most awesome congregations 
on the entire planet.
I wave my hands....a lot....
nope,  i was not leading the choir.....
just speaking.

This is my wonderfully sweet husband, David.
He is the lead pastor. 

Our daughter, Becky.....
 and her daughter, Lexie sing on our worship team.

This past weekend was a busy one.....
A brunch on Saturday and our
usual service on Sunday.

So...there you have just a tiny snippet of my "real" life.
All of us have so many different facets to our lives that it is very
difficult to really show who we really are.
To me that is the very thing that makes life more interesting!
Don't you think?

Hope your week is awesomely blessed!

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