Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's Not Fall ,Ya'll

The East Coast was hit with a very early snow yesterday.

There will be no living with the weather peoples now!

 When they said earlier in the week that Washington D.C. was going to have snow!!!

 Nooo Way!!!
Our Court House

This poor bloom sure didn't see the snow and ice coming either. 

This is Saturday....lots of trees down...many folks w/o power. It was beautiful though.

The youngest wasn't feeling well.
This was on Thursday...       
Still Fall... Our daughter Becky and our three granddaughters stopped by to see us on their way into town. 

Lexie, 13, [ and the oldest] being goofy!

When Becky was driving away she stopped...rolled down her window...and they called "Bye"....[just like always]

.........didn't know we were saying bye to Fall too!

until next time,

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